Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun

★★★Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun

Let's begin with... Who the hell is on the cover of this book? Never once did I get the impression Hunter looked like some cheesy wanna be stripper cop. I am insulted for him at this gross misrepresentation of him. Lacey, not really anything like I imagined, but at least it's possible.

Lacey is a 36 year old divorcee, with tons of money. Now, I liked the fact that she did work hard at earning her money, but her money means nothing attitude drove me crazy. She has been stuck in a seemingly 'perfect on the outside' marriage with boring scheduled missionary sessions, that abruptly ends one day. So what is this 'OLD' lady to do? Yes, 'OLD' get used to it, her 36 years of oldness is stressed through out the book.

photo redhead_zpseb4f857f.jpg

Well of course, she needs to dress in her best 'Fuck me ' clothes, which I truly can't fathom why she owns, and go to a bar. Why she has clothes like this readily available, is surprising since dressed down, she's still more made up than Jackie O. Brilliant plan, go to the bar, pick up some strange and break in your new found freedom, for someone who has never been to a bar.

In struts Hunter, which I loved by the way. He's a 28 year old gorgeous, cocky hunk of a man. He looks to be the perfect introduction to single life. But I don't know, he's just so 'YOUNG'.

photo hunter_zpsd35e427c.jpg

And in 2.2 seconds she goes from sweet, innocent, naive Lacey to insatiable, exhibitionist cougar Lacey on the prowl.

photo rippingclothes_zps84212d19.gif
photo 32247-ashley-olivia-kissing-butter-pvkH_zpsa9c94d08.gif
Eventually they make it inside
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But this changes everything
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Finally, we get to slow it down a bit
photo undressing_zpsae591d7a.gif photo necking_zps95d70761.gif

By the end of I did like Lacey more with her new attitude
photo 873b1fe3-6d16-4e83-9248-49dc868c6c87_zps5013b62f.jpg

So why did everyone love this book? Sex sells. I definitely didn't love it, but I didn't hate it, either. It was hot, but rather predictable.

But I know one thing for sure after reading this, I definitely was in the wrong health class in school.