Unkindness - Andrea Andersson ★★★Unkindness by Andrea Andersson

I was given this R2R in exchange for my honest opinion.

Starts off with
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The first 60% or so I was left wondering WTF is going on. I have no real idea how we go from her ending up in some super secret underground bar, to getting a $100,000 a year Personal Assistant job, with a $50,000 raise the next year. Further more the family is so shrouded in secrecy that I have no idea what this job is other that tagging along with the boss, using spy glasses, eating tons of food, getting drunk, and sleeping with the boss. Almost seems like he's turned her into a well paid call girl and she doesn't realize it.

Then you throw in a lot of mystery, with tons of magic, an obsession with nude portraits, and mystical moving murals of half human, half animal creatures in various stages of sex, and it's truly a house of wonders. I really don't think I'd be surprised if he sprouts wings, turns into a raven an flies away.

Eventually I was
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Why lie?
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Lead me up the metal tree to heaven...
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Ok, let me think...
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I think a name or two might be wrong.

So I'm not real sure want I want to rate this.

It is defiantly peaking my interest, but is full of flaws as well. Facts are not lining up well. She will say she hasn't ever done something before, but a few pages prior she was. Or the one that really sticks out is, she just snuck out of the house of wonders and walked home, however a few chapters back, it took at least 15-20 mins zipping around on a freeway in a BMW. So what she just decided to walk for hours home.

The dialogue is so off, it was distracting. I have been noticing this more and more. This takes place in Miami, yet none of it would be common or familiar to most Americans. The main character's family has lived there since 1860, at least. But for some unknown reason, he speaks as an Englishman, accent and all. Sentence structure and tense is also distracting. While you can tell from the story it is past tense, it is wrote in present tense for the most part. All thought that jumps around. Every time I come to, says I, thinks I, me bad, and a handful of others, my mind pauses, which is making reading slow. The use of 'HoHo!' instead of 'Haha' is cracking me up, it's almost like I'm waiting for Santa. It also needs a good editing.

But buried in there, is an intriguing story, that's only just begun to reveal itself.