My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding - Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rachel Caine, Susan Krinard, P.N. Elrod, L.A. Banks, Charlaine Harris, Lori Handeland, Esther M. Friesner ★★★★★ My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

A Hard Days Night Search by Sherrilyn Kenyon (book 10.5 in Dark Hunter Series)

A Hard Day's Night-Searcher. I love the novellas that go along with the Dark Hunter Series. This one starts off with a squire, Jeff, getting in trouble, by his Dark Hunter, Rafael. Jeff has jeopardized the DH secret. He has published a story, that is strikingly similar to the DH secret. Another DH, Ephani, calls to warn that BloodRite Squire, Celena, is on her way over. Rafael has Jeff hide, before Celena, Ms-I-kill-anything-that-breaks-formation, got ahold of him. When Rafael opened the door, he started getting all kinds of imagines of her, kicking his ass in stilettos. Since DH and Squires are off limits to each other, thus could never be, but he didn't care about rules, and she lived for them. Rafael gets to thinking, wouldn't be a shame for someone so dedicated to rules and her service, to become corrupt...... will Celena be able to stand her ground, or will temptation win?

Tacky by Charlaine Harris (A Southern Vampire Tale Series novella 6.1)

This is another wedding story in the Sookie books. This one was funny. It has Glenda a younger vampire teaching Dahlia about wedding since they are going to be bridesmaids. Dahlia was turned before brides had attendants and doesn't realizes the horrors of being a bridesmaid. She is horrified by the monstrosities they call bridesmaid gowns.

The happy couple are Taffy, a vampire and Don Swiftfoot(Swinton)a wolf.
Can everyone make it through the clash of vampire vs were long enough for a wedding?