Suit by Jettie Woodruff

Suit: (The Twin Duo) (1) - Jettie Woodruff

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Where to begin.... This is my first Jettie book. I am always leery of a book that's labeled dark. They rarely live up to my expectations. This was the perfect example of that. I wouldn't label this as dark, honestly. This would be on the fluffiest rainbows and sunshine side of dark if any. In all fairness I do love Winters, Hart, St. Germaine, Dukey, Sidebottom and so on, so I may be desensitized.
So here's the deal, if I wasn't repeatedly told I'd never figure this out, I never would have second guessed myself and had it figured out by @15% . From my description to my hubs at 15% he randomly threw out his idea, and getting to the end of the book it was funny just how right he was with it, not even knowing the title.
This kept my interest, it was fairly well written, although I do think a few of the mysteries weren't quite right.
I'm interested to see if my therories play out in book 2. Because I have a ton of them.

Overall this was pretty good, I just wish it was presented to me with a supposed shroud of mystery. I would have enjoyed this a lot more if I wasn't told to question it.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion