Full Count by Cora Williams

Full Count - C.A. Williams

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This one just confuses me. I don't understand how this could possible be a re-work. It is said that this has been through a new editor and re-formatted. If this is true, I would really hate to have seen it before hand.
This seemed to start ok, but it never branched out. It was the same old sports story told a million times before.
Another problem I had was every single problem you can think up was thrown in here. Most of the time it didn't add anything or even make sense in the story.
All of this could have been potentially overlooked, but the last 25% of the story was so rushed, it was ridiculous. When all the extra page filler would have been useful, it's missing. It was hard to follow in spots.
Had hopes for this one, but sadly NO.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.