R.S. Grey does it again

Behind His Lens - R.S. Grey

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Jude was a gorgeous photographer with a dark past. He doesn't date model. He uses woman and tosses them away. He is broken and he will not be put in another situation.
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Charley was beautiful, a model, the camera loved her, but she didn't love it. She was broken and could not take a chance with love, she wouldn't let herself get in another situation.
But... their world won't stop colliding. Can they over come their pasts and start living rather than just being alive.
I needed something to listen to while driving, and figured Scoring Wilder was funny, so I'd give this one a try. I planned a couple hrs, but no I listened to the whole thing. It was light and funny, dark and sad, and everything in between. It was a fun, quick book. Better yet, it is a standalone, so it wrapped up nicely. Of course I wish for a bit more, but when don't I. Maybe we could get a Bennett and Naomi follow-up and get a few more glimpses of Jude and Charley.