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TITLE: Imperfect

SERIES: A Blaze of Glory

AUTHOR: Cherry Shepard









US Special Forces, Staff Sergeant Ethan Stone, lives by one mantra “fight or die”.
The army is his life, his men are his family. So when an injury sends him home from Afghanistan, the nightmares of what he’s witnessed, can no longer be kept at bay. The alcohol he drowns himself in every night only sinks him further into depression’s abyss. Waking after one of his benders, Stone is greeted by a tiny, knife wielding firecracker and one destroyed bar.

Saddles, was meant to be her escape. A new start away from an abusive relationship and a way to fulfill her daddy’s dying wish. But all the bar has brought Shannon is debt collectors and pushy buyers threatening to destroy her. The last thing she needed was a handsome, angry ex-soldier to distract her.

All he wanted, was to pay for the damages. But when she refuses there is only one thing he can do. But when a familiar face from his past changes everything, can they learn to work together?

Will they find salvation in each other’s arms?




Cherry Shephard


Cherry is a 29 year old mum of 3, currently residing in beautiful Australia. She is a qualified counsellor, with experience in the mental health field.
Cherry traded in her counselling career to pursue writing full time, and has never looked back.

In her spare time Cherry loves to read romantic fiction. Some of her favourite authors include Sandra Hill and Melody Anne. You'll often find Cherry curled up in bed or on the couch reading romance novels.

Cherry has released several erotic romance stories. She is particularly fond of bad boy alphas with tattoos and long hair, as well as kick ass females who take no crap and stand on their own two feet.

Cherry loves what she does, and it shines through in her writing.