Interesting night. So while waiting around in Opry Mills, we wondered into The Pepper Place. So they have me trying all these odd BBQ sauces. Then we round the counter and find signs saying you must be 18 years or older to try. Yep, that sounds like a bet to me. So I give the ghost pepper(I think it was a 7 on their hot scale) a go. It was ok, but not hot.
Then the lady says we have this one you must sign a waiver, waiving us of responsibility. It's called Flashbang. It comes in the container that looks like a flashbang. That doesn't seem ominous or anything.
Lol, ok, now I'm intrigued. I'm like give it here. The hubs asks if I was sure about this? I laugh and the lady says you have to sign because we've had grown men pass out from this, have to be hospitalized, blah, blah, blah. So now the hubs is looking nervous saying did you actually read what you signed. Hmm, no but I get the jist, it's my fault for whatever happens.
So I get my tortilla chip and give it a dip. The lady's looking at me, hubs is starin' at me, and my kid is like NO MOM, don't do it.
What do I do??? Toss it in and get ready. The lady asks how it is. Fine. She smiles and says give it about a min, it builds.
So now I got these people looking at me. And
HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKIN' GOD!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST PUT IN MY MOUTH?!?!  I'm pretty sure drinking boiling water would feel better. My response is WHY?!?!  IT'S GROSS.  WHAT WOULD YOU EVEN DO WITH THAT SHIT?!?!?  
The lady says well you wouldn't eat it straight, you add a drop or two to a pot of chili or something.
 REALLY?!?! I just ate it like it was fuckin' salsa.
So like 2 mins into this hell in my mouth, all I can think is WALK, I need to WALK this off. Lol, not rational but that was all I could come up with.
The hubs is like well, I'm kinda disappointed. I was expected you to freak, scream, start cussin', something but you just continue to look at stuff.
I'm thinkin' MOTHER FUCKIN' SHIT.  By now I'm fighting against my eye wanting to water. So my daughter holds out her blue icee, then yanks it back sayin no I don't want that on my straw. Pure evil.
So I look down and have my warm bottle of peach snapple in my purse. I take a sip, and it was GROSS.
We go to leave as I see 4 people trying it and instantly starting to cry.
As in walking to my truck, my mouth is still feeling burnt. Now it's feelin' like I just burnt my mouth on a too hot drink. But my lips are starting to sting and feel slightly numb.
About 30 mins later we are about halfway home and my daughter says you wanna try this and hands me the icee.
I take a sip and it was nasty. So I hand it right back. A few mins later my kid starts freaking out. I'm looking around like wtf is happening.
She is like it BURNS. Why did you do that?!?!? It's on my straw.
Haha, serves ya right for not letting me have a drink to begin with.
By the time we get home, it's back to normal, and the hubs asks if I'd try it again.
My response: Probably. Now I'm wondering if it was just SO FUCKIN' HOT AS THE DEPTHS OF HELL causing my tongue to feel like it would burn off or if it was just the unknown.
So my thoughts.... NO FUCKIN' CLUE WHY someone would put ghost, Carolina reapers, moruga scorpion, and habanero peppers in a sauce and then add pure capsicum extract to it. So yes it does have a rating, that varies between many sites, between 3.5-9 million on the Scoville Scale making it between 700-1900 times hotter than a jalapeño, but it tastes fairly nasty for the brief second, you still have taste buds.