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Out Now - Long Time Coming


As seems to always happen, as soon as I sent the notice of the new shop items the other day, Long Time Coming went live in audiobook.  Sorry for the double newsletters!  I'm leaving for Hawaii tomorrow  and as much as I'd like the pretend I'm going to be good about doing some work while I'm there, I probably won't be. :)  So I included some more information about the sale that ends the day before I get back below as well.

The best things are worth waiting for.

Hot Rods, Book 8

Tom London has done a pretty damn good job. Despite an illness that stole his young wife years ago, he’s raised his biological son, and several adopted ones, to be fine men. The Hot Rods might be unconventional, but they’re hardworking, hard-playing, and hard-loving. Tom couldn’t ask for anything more—except perhaps an equally fierce love of his own. And he’s got his eye on a luscious candidate.

Ms. Wilhelmina Brown, a longtime widow with more than enough sass in her step to take him on.
Willie has a lot in common with Tom. She’s raised two wonderful daughters, both now married into the Hot Rods family, and lived through her own tragedy, having lost her husband in a horrific accident. More than two decades later, she and Tom still live with the ghosts of their pasts, but she’d have to be dead herself not to feel the man’s effect on her libido. They already share a mutual respect; perhaps they can each be what the other needs in more tangible ways…

As Tom and Willie take one step closer, an explosive revelation shoots them several steps back. But that bombshell turns out to be just a precursor to something potentially worse…potentially deadly…and potentially enough to keep the mature lovers apart forever.
Long Time Coming (Hot Rods #8)
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