Let the RANT begin

At Peace - Kristen Ashley

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Joe, yep love him. I understand him. I really feel for him.
***WARNING BRAIN VOMIT TO FOLLOW*** This is likely to only make sense in my own head. You have been WARNED. I don't like spoilers, but sometimes they are needed to make a point. They have been hidden. You don't want to see them, don't fucking look.
If only this book could be judged off of pure Joe...I'd easily give him 5 ALPHA BADASS STARS. Unfortunately, the other 80% of the book decided to rule with bullshit. This is a sad, sad day, when I'm not jumping for joy, over the fucking moon for a KA book. What the fuck just happen?!?!?
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22 hrs of audio??? Come the fuck on. This just drug on and on. Why in the hell was this a 660 page book??? Was it contracted for word count??? Why else was there endless babble about grass and flowers??? Or every single last detail to every single last piece of clothing mentioned in this book???
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I was literally sitting here thinking... Why is this not over? What were we going for with this, again? Oh yeah, I remember now. But I found myself spacing out for extended periods of time with this one.
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Well, I suppose this is the best way to put it. And don't get me wrong, it was super fucking hot. Especially the first scene, right off the bat... panty wetting delish. But seriously, why, oh why, does he insist on calling her BUDDY?!?!?!? THIS DROVE ME FUCKIN' CRAZY!!! Yes, I know he is (view spoiler)
It was so weird.
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But apparently, it's cool with Violet. I'm not feelin' Violet. Where is her head??? She's off, even for a grieving widow. Depression will make you do a lot of unexplainable things, (view spoiler)
And let's not forget (view spoiler)
Then the crossing of paths is sooooo far fetched. (view spoiler)
Then just for shits and giggles a almost tornado gets thrown in?!?!?
(view spoiler)
Just one more rant, I think. (view spoiler)
Ok, last one I promise. (view spoiler)
After this monstrosity, I'm gonna have to wait a bit for my next KA. Not really diggin' The Burg Series so far. Gotta ration that shit out, after all I only have a handful left to be completely caught up with all her books. I CAN'T BELIEVE I GAVE KA A 2!!!