Consumed by J.C. Hannigan

Consumed (Collide Series) (Volume 2) - J.C. Hannigan

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That was my thought, but
I learned a hard lesson. Pursuing the things I wanted, when it came to matters of the heart, was dangerous and foolish. I'd only end up hurt.

I'm a bit heart-broken over this. I was really cheering for Harlow and Iian. But Iian is MIA after serving his sentence. No call, letter, visit, nothing. But can she ever trust someone again???? That is t question. But when she meets a nice attractive guy in one of her classes, she just might.
This was a great follow-up to Collide.

Reading Order
Collide (The Collide Series book 1)
Consumed (The Collide Series book 2)
TBR 11.15.15Collateral (The Collide Series)

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