Leave it to GYPSY MAGIC

Gypsy Love: A Gypsy Beach Novel - Jillian Neal, Chasity Jenkins-Patrick

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I'm all about some beach books here lately. I'm loving them.photo tumblr_m9n4pr2LDU1qa2ywzo1_500.gif
and gypsy magic.
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"I want you over and over tonight, sweetheart. Every single fantasy you've ever had, I want to make them all come true."
Fantastic!!! And it was FUCKIN' HOT!!!

"So fucking tempting, baby girl."
"You're so wet for me, little girl."
"...I'm gonna lay you out and see just how wet I can make you before I drink you dry, but right now, I want you to come for me like a good girl."
"If you want to be naughty, baby girl, I'll take care of that."
"Come with me, baby girl."
"Stop, baby girl. You're gonna make me come,..."
"Such a sweet girl."
"You're looking for something to lick, baby girl?"
"I want to see you touch yourself, sweet girl."
"That feels so good doesn't it, baby girl?"

all this baby girl, sweet girl, little girl was ratherEWWWW!!!!
Not a fan of that at all, especially when he also refers to his four year old goddaughter as baby girl, sweet girl, and little girl.Leave it with the kids.

Reading Order
Gypsy Beach (Gypsy Beach 1)
Gypsy Love (Gypsy Beach 2)
*ARC provide for honest opinion.*