Oh no, it's Taboo. SMHL

Collide (Collide Series) (Volume 1) - J.C. Hannigan

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What happens when the new 28 y.o. teacher meets the new 17 y.o. student??? Sparks fly. Like full-blown, stars align, signs from above, instant connection.
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Pure magnetism pulls them together.
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But those pesky morals keep getting in the way.
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However, the animalistic need to pair will not be held back. So go with it, have fun, take pics, but don't get caught.
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Or you'll have to pay the price.photo giphy_21.gif
And pay you will...
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I like to go into books not knowing what is in store. It's usually more fun that way. What do I find... A teacher/student romance. Although I know all about them, I can't recall ever reading one. Instantly I was cheering for them.(I never claimed to be normal)
This book will suck you right back into high school. I warned you!!! And seriously every single possible drama you can think of was packed into this book. This did make the book feel monotonous at times.
I kept jumping back and forth, never quite knowing if I liked it or if it was just too much. But like a train wreck you can't pull your eyes away from, I couldn't stop reading it, either. Even knowing the outcome, because seriously they all end the same, I was still pissed and heartbroken for the characters.
Now, I have to read Consumed to figure out how this will all end.

*Copy provided by author for honest opinion.*