Hard To Let Go is right!!!!

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HOLY FUCK, COULD MURDA GET ANY HOTTER?!?! **wiping drool** He's my kind of broken and I love it. And Kat, what a KICK ASS, TAKE NO PRISIONERS KIND OF WOMAN. She was PERFECT!!!!!
Wow, I'm kinda speechless right now. I want to scream and cry from the relief I feel for the team and the sadness of knowing this series is over. I HATE THAT!!!! I love this entire series and am heartbroken to see it go. Although Hard as Steel will be here soon, so I guess I have to wait for that tasty little morsel.

Reading Order
Hard As it Gets (Hard Ink 1)
Hard as you Can (Hard Ink 2)
Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink 2.5)
Hard to Come By (Hard Ink 3)
Hard to Be Good (Hard Ink 3.5)
TBRHard to Let Go (Hard Ink 4)
TBRHard as Steel (Hard Ink 4.5 Raven Riders MC crossover)
TBRRide Hard (Raven Riders MC 1)