There's some new BADASSES in town.

Stone Cold Bad: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 1) - Tess Oliver, Elizabeth Anna Hart

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Hello, Stone brothers. Colt, Hunter, and Slade. Ok, yes, they are immature 20 something players, but really is that so uncommon??? They are testorone to the max ALPHAS. They are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! They fiercely protect anything they care about. Broken boys, turned BADASSES, trying to make it better, in a broken world. Don't hate the book because it's a plausible reality and doesn't fit into the cookie cutter perfect HEA.

Love Jade's hair, lol, but she's a bit too man dependent for me. Falling from one to another.

I LOVED Street(Amy). She was fun, crazy, and would give you the shirt off her back. I'm hoping she comes to her senses or puts Hunter in his place.

As for the Facebook group, yes that is absurd. Do I believe guys have contests like this??? AB-SO-FUCKIN-LUTE-LY. But considering there background, professions, and attitudes, I think there is NO WAY IN HELL one of the took the time to set up a group, graph out the contest, and keep a running tally of it. Furthermore, I can't see any of them even having Facebook, to be honest. Nor can I see a good reason for Colt to even have a computer. It's not like he would use it for business, he's full time busy, and is trying to save all his money. Just seems odd to me. And that he thought to grab it in a hurry, hmmm???

Tess and Anna did a great job working together. I've read 15+ Tess books, but this is my first Anna book, and really this was hard for me to tell who did what. This is grittier and rougher than a typical Tess book, reminding me a lot of Rainshadow. So who knows.

Can't wait to see what meat headed ALPHA MALE move Hunter will pull in his book. Should be interest.

*ARC provided for honest opinion