Too worried about labels for their own good.

Straight Shooter - Heidi Belleau

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It all starts with Austin, the jock asshole, being a dick to his roommates, but especially to the one he deems too gay.

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This is want I wantedNEEDED.

But sadly NO, all I got was
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Everything can be explained by living with gay guys and working with gay guys. Blame it all on them.

In walks the wise porn star
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It's not all black and white.

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But then he gets to thinking, something's wrong with me. Maybe I can OD on gay and wipe it right out of me.

Then comes the
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but let's experiment. Maybe you can fuck the gay out of me.

This continues and continues and continues some more.

This book was ok. However I was very disappoint in it.
M/M- weak to ok
hockey star- cocky ass
porn star- likable
BDSM- fluffy, weak humiliation, but def not the hardcore that is implied
gay for pay- whatever it takes to get you by
Pet names- buddy, kid, kiddo EWWW!!!

But the ending was just there. Nothing spectacular, really rather lack luster. Actually it felt like a giant cop out. Not sure a 'let's settle, rather than fight' message, was a wise ending choice.