Renegades Can Not Be Stopped

Relentless (Renegades, Book 4) - Skye Jordan, Joan Swan

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Who can't get enough of the Sexy Bad Asses that make up the stunt team Renegades??? I for one, can't. Seriously, they guys can do no wrong.
All Troy ever wanted was to put the love of his life out of sight, out of mind.
"Could it be that simple?"
" answer would be: probably not."

She shattered his heart when she walked out all those years ago.

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"You've got a ton of money, which you don't even use. You've got the power of a celebrity, which you neither use nor want. You've got the hip and fast lifestyle of a musician on the road, which has done nothing but left you lonely and haggard."
Sometimes you biggest dreams and fantasies are just tragic and full of regret.

Troy is left wondering
Could he...
Should he...
Would he...
let her walk right back into his life?

Reading Order
Reckeless (Renegades #1)
Rebel (Renegades #2)
Ricochet (Renegades #3)
Rumor (Renegades #3.5)
Relentless (Renegades #4)

ARC provided for honest opinion*