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Gypsy Beach: A Gypsy Beach Novel - Jillian Neal, Chasity Jenkins-Patrick

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This is a great beach read. You can't stop falling in love with the free spirited gypsy and her down and out first love.

“Listen to your soul... Gypsies go where the wind takes them. Always let the wind be your guide. If life gives you a gift, accept it even if you do not fully understand it.”
“If you’re very lucky, my dear, your home will have a heartbeat.”

I loved all the gypsy magic. And always remember

“Gypsies go where the wind carries them, but most time the wind knows just what it’s doing. ”

I can't wait to see what she will come up with in Gypse Love.

While you wait...
Check out this fantastic PNR series. I absolutely LOVED Jillian's other series The Gifted Realm.
Reading Order
Within The Realm(The Gifted Realm book 1)
Lesson Learned (The Gifted Realm book 2)
Every Action (The Gifted Realm book 3)
Rock Bottom(The Gifted Realm book 4)
An Angel All His Own (The Gifted Realm book 5)
All But Lost(The Gifted Realm book 6)
The Quelling Tide (The Gifted Realm book 7)

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