Can't get enough of this series!!!!!

Magenta Mine - Janet Elizabeth Henderson

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I absolutely LOVED this book. Magenta has been kicked down all her life, but Harry, the geeky alpha plans to stop that. He may have left for uni, but he's back now.
His IQ could make a phone number look small, but he lacks all common sense. Luckily, or unluckily, Betty steps in to save the day.
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I am a HUGE Janet fan. I have LOVED everything I've come across written by her. Seriously, if you haven't given her a try, or it's been awhile, go get one. You'll be in for a good laugh, that you won't soon be forgetting.

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Reading Order
Lingerie Wars (Invertary book 1)
Goody Two Shoes (Invertary book 2)
Magenta Mine (Invertary book 3)
expected 6.28.15 Calamity Jena (Invertary book 4)