A Dark, Dirty, Gritty Standalone Book

Grit - Margaret McHeyzer

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From homeless teen, to street fighter, to Hunters MC Prez, this book has it all and it's a standalone. This is not your average fluffy fairytale MC book. It's dark and gritty, with rape, human trafficing, drugs, kiling, gun trade, and all around biker badassery. Wow, so that can be done, amazing.
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The red headed wonder bitch with the temper to match was one of my favs. Nix was a firercracker that spoke her mind and could give one little shit about what anyone thought about it.
“You’re an idiot, now leave me alone and get out.” She points toward the door. “What the hell’s your problem, Red?” “You are. You talk to me like I’m a slut. Dirty talk is fine, but calling me a bitch is not. And for the love of God, stop calling me Red. I hate that name. Either Phoenix or Nix, but if you keep calling me Red I’ll make you call me Miss Ward. Now get out before I smack you one in that pretty boy face of yours.”

“That’s a lot of plastic there,” I say as I move my head to indicate the bags. “I didn’t figure you were into ‘save the environment’ bags,” Nix quips snidely.

Jaeger, brain to mouth filter, non-existent.
“I don’t do romance, Nix. I don’t do pretty and soft. I’ll tell you what I want, how I want it and although you may not like how I say it, it’ll always be the truth.”
But I’m far from selfless and noble. I’m an egocentric, narcissistic, self-centered prick, and I want her all for myself. I’m not sharing her, ever, with anyone. And if she thinks she has a choice in the matter, she has another think coming. I’ll keep her here until she finally realizes we’re meant to be in this fucked up thing called life together.
An alpha male. What a stupid-ass description. Alpha males don’t exist. There are only men with balls and men who are pussies.

He was great, rude and crude yes, but still great.

“Listen here, you spoiled fucking brat,” I start as I stand from the bed. “I’m trying to save your God damned, highly judgmental ass. This looking down your nose at us is seriously grating on my last fuckin’ nerve. If for one moment you stopped and thought about the bullshit which flies out of that snobbish fuckin’ mouth of yours, you’d see I’m trying to protect you.” “Why the hell would you do that?” she counters and takes a small step back. “I ask myself the same damn question every time you open that fuckable mouth.” “That’s why I act up. You say shit like that and think it’s okay. It’s not okay. You can’t say things like ‘fuckable mouth’ to me.”
And in the end they both could give as good as they got.
“That’s why I act up. You say shit like that and think it’s okay. It’s not okay. You can’t say things like ‘fuckable mouth’ to me.”
Sarge was also great. I'd like to see some more of him and Milina.

Only bad thing is the editing was non-existent, which is funny since several people/groups were credited with it.

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