Knight - Kristen Ashley

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I don't know how I feel about this. Seriously, I bounced between Knight's pretty fuckin hot, then he'd open his mouth and he turned into a giant douchebag. Love him, hate him, like him, loathe him.

“Babe, your clothes. Shit. But you work ‘em and you do because you’ve got one serious fantastic body, your hair is even better and your face is a face that launches a thousand hard-ons. Trust me, any man you’ve looked at probably since you were thirteen has jacked off thinkin’ of you. All this is a recipe for disaster if you live alone in an unsecured building with a lock like the one you got.”

“Wars fought over a face like this,” he murmured like he was talking to himself, my heart stopped beating and his thumbs moved lightly across my cheeks. “A man would work himself into the ground for it, go down to his knees to beg to keep it, endure torture to protect it, take a bullet for it,” his eyes came to mine, “poison his brother to possess a face like this.”
“Knight,” I breathed.
“You are not walkin’ away from me.”
“Okay,” I found myself agreeing.”

Something for the dislike side.
“You’re that good?” I asked with mild sarcasm but he pulled me closer so my face was an inch from his.
“Yeah, I am, baby. I will take care of you there in all the ways you need me to do it. That I can guarantee.”
I could feel my heart beating in my neck as I looked into his super serious eyes.
Call me crazy but his confidence and the words that went with it which pretty much promised he’d look out for my needs was definitely on the like side.”

“You get in my bed, I’ll sort you out.”

“You need a haircut, honey.”
“Uh… no,” he said quietly back. “Every time I let you use your hands, you get excited, you fist them in my hair. I like to feel you get excited any way including that way. I start lookin’ like a biker or a hippie, I’ll go to the barber. Until then, my baby’s got something to hold onto.”

“Babe, I live in a fuckin’ museum. Please, God, inject some personality in it.”
I blinked.
“Not flowers or pink,” he added then continued, “Or any of that white, chipped shit you got goin’ on.”

“You know, when you bring bossy into life and get so super generous I’ll be wracking my brains for a millennium for ways to be bad to give payback and it pisses me off, it then pisses me off more when you get sweet so I can’t be pissed anymore.”
“You know that didn’t make a fuckin’ lick of sense,” he told me.”

“Fuck, I created a fuck monster.”

Then Anya, somebody needs to slap some since into that bitch. How she went from level headed to mindless twat in 2.2 seconds is beyond me.

All this, whatever, but then we start with the whole I'm a pimp, but don't worry, I'm good to them and I'll keep it separate from you. Mindless twat, la-de-da, ok, twirls gum. Wtf ever!!!!

Then he's all like oh your girl got a ring I don't want you whining, feeling bad, so hers one for you. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!! Why can't he just keep his mouth shut or full.

Then oh look you just got huge news, let's not say anything to Anya, let's let her cry, and get on the phone. FUCK, GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!

But really Baby wants her Daddy's dick. Baby don't like when I take Daddy's dick from her, blah, blah, blah EWWWWW!!!!!

Really, he's so much hotter with his mouth closed!!!!