Better When He's Bold: A Welcome to the Point Novel - Jay Crownover

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Race and Breyson made for a great couple.

"Race, if we're going to do this-Make this work- if I get to be the queen to your golden king, then you have to trust that I can handle this stuff. best friend is Annie Oakley and lives with a car thief, and my little sister has a full-blown crush on an ex-con that looks like he kicks babies for fun. I can handle all of that and I will handle whatever else comes our way. Okay?"

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because seriously, the 90's called, they want there cover back!!!

Reading Order
Better When He's Bad (Welcome to the Point book 1)
Better When He's Bold (Welcome to the Point book 2)
TBR 8.11.15Better When He's Brave (Welcome to the Point book 3
TBR Spring 2016Untitled (Welcome to the Point book 4)