Until the End - Abbi Glines

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Trisha and Rock Until the End (Sea Breeze book 9)
Sadie and Jax Breathe (Sea Breeze book 1)
Marcus and Low Because of Low (Sea Breeze book 2)
Cage and Eva While it Lasts(Sea Breeze book 3)
Sometimes it Lasts (Sea Breeze book 5)
Preston and Amanda Just for Now (Sea Breeze book 4)
Jess and Jason Misbehaving (Sea Breeze book 6)
Krit and Blythe Bad for You (Sea Breeze book 7)
Dewayne and Sienna Hold on Tight (Sea Breeze book 8)
All the kickass couples of Sea Breeze get their after epilogue stories. All wrapped up nicely in this perfect series ending.

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And then the last two fuckin words slams Sea Breeze right into Rosemary Beach. I could scream. So fuckin excited!!!!

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Can it get any fuckin better?!?!?