Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1: Brutally Honest Book Reviews - Glenn Conley

A book hater, who writes a book, hmmm.....
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So when asked to review this I thought why the hell not, although personally I thought he was far to nice to Gone Girl. That flaming pile of shit was a complete waste of my fuckin time but whatever.
Some of the reviews were pretty fuckin hilarious, some rather disturbing, animal fucking seems to be a rather common occurrence in his book selection, lots of lacking psychopaths, and rape but not rape. Acid would greatly improve a lot of these books.
But seriously I'm left wondering what the fuck would make a person want to read about 90% of those books. More power to you Glenn, cause I woulda said fuck it and burn the shit before finishing most of it.
Honesty is refreshing, even if it borders on incessant ramblings of a mad man who's definitely not a psychopath according to a test provided by one of his reads.

Challenge:* A memoir*