Love me some TY, Zane, and Sidewinder

Crash & Burn - Abigail Roux

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I'm left in Shock & Awe. I'm heartbroken that it's O-V-E-R, OVER!
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with some Fish & Chips.

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Which may leave you seeing Stars & Stripes, but don't worry, Chester is Armed & Dangerous and won't leave you High & Tight.

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We will not Cut & Run. We will Divide & Conquer with help fromWarrior's Cross. It may be Touch & Geaux for a while, but there is no need to Dine & Dash. It's safe to assume with my man Digger around Sticks & Stones will fly and the motherfucker willCrash & Burn.
Per SOP Cross & Crown will disappear and the Ball & Chain will reunite.
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No, I'm not I'd totally roll around with Zane!!!!

And we'll sit and wait for
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Part and Parcel.
In the mean time follow some Ty logic
Some Ty logic
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Oh and I am so FUCKING GELS of Brick & Mortar. I want to go. I want to play. I want to move in.

Reading order
Cut & Run(Cut & Run 1)
Sticks & Stones(Cut & Run 2)
Fish & Chips(Cut & Run 3)
Divide & Conquer(Cut & Run 4)
Warrior's Cross
Armed & Dangerous(Cut & Run 5)
Dine & Dash(Cut & Run 5.5)
Stars & Stripes(Cut & Run 6)
Touch & Geaux(Cut & Run 7)
Shock & Awe(Sidewinder 1
High & Tight(Sidewinder 1.5)
Ball & Chain(Cut & Run 8)
Cross & Crown(Sidewinder 2)
Crash & Burn(Cut & Run 9)
TBR Part & Parcel(Sidewinder 3)Love