This hurts me to do, but.....

Shade - Jamie Begley

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Perfect example. There was never an intention for this book. But fan after fan requested more Shade. Of course Shade is badass.
So we get passed this...
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try to pass this off as original. This is books 1-5 condensed. There's nothing new to learn. To all the people saying this is sooo great, I learned so much, my question would be did you read the fucking series and pay attention at all?!?!?
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But this is bullshit. This was definitely on my top 3 anticipated books of the year list. And at this time I CAN NOT FINISH THIS!!!! So again....
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This book is well over 800 pages. If I can't learn anything more than a rival MC has numerous extra bodies laying around, duh cause that's not real news, in the first 100 pages, WTF IS THE POINT?!?!?
I've heard there is new material towards the very end, so if someone could pinpoint that for me I'd love to finish this. But I don't have the time to search out little tidbits of goodness, not even for Shade.
Again, I am heart broken over this. Truly.
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But this book is not.

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Teased (The VIP Room book 1)
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Shade's Fall (The Last Riders book 4)
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Cash's Fight (The Last Riders book 5)
Fat Louise (Biker Bitches book 2)
Riot (Predators MC book 1)
Shade (The Last Riders book 6)